May 22, 2024

When choosing the best PEX crimping tools for your job, there are several factors to consider. First, you must make sure that the tool you are buying is calibrated and adjusted properly. Otherwise, it might stretch and not crimp the pipe properly. Another important thing to consider is the gauge. If it is too narrow, the crimping tool might not do a good job.

Zern copper crimping tool

A best pex cinch tool is a must-have for any plumber. It secures PEX tubing and helps ensure watertight seals. Whether you are working on a commercial or residential plumbing system, the Zern copper crimping tool will make your life easier.

You should avoid using knock-off PEX crimping tools for plumbing installation and repair. These crimping tools are cheap and made by companies who make more money by selling them. The quality is low, and a crooked crimp will eventually lead to a leak.


An IWISS KG1096 PEX crimp tool is an efficient tool for performing plumbing installation and repair jobs. Its universal design ensures that it can handle all types of pipe connections and is designed to be extremely durable. This tool is ideal for both home and commercial use. It also features a crimp ring removal tool. It is lightweight and has a carbon steel construction for strength and durability.

When choosing a PEX crimp tool, make sure to choose one that fits the pipe that you plan to install. The length and width of a tool must be compatible with the type of pipe you plan to install. It is also important to consider how the tool will be used. A long crimping tool will be harder to maneuver, so choose a short one if you’re working with PEX pipes.

Pexflow R1245

The Conbraco Pexflow R1245 PEX Crim Tool comes with 4 sets of jaws, a go/no-go gauge, and a wrench for adjustments and calibration. This tool offers a 100-pound clamping force, and features a lightweight design for ease of transport.

If you’re working with PEX piping, a crimp tool will make the job much easier and faster. It’s important to get the right one for your needs, as not all tools work with PEX pipes. Some are only compatible with copper pipe, and require extra jaws or fittings. While some of these tools can be expensive, the additional cost of fittings is negligible compared to sweating copper joints!

Apollo PEX crimping tool

If you’re looking for the right PEX crimping tool for your plumbing installation or repair job, Apollo has what you’re looking for. These tools are made of high-quality carbon steel and include a two-year warranty. With a crimping force of 100 pounds, they’ll give you the force you need to get the job done right.

This tool works by compressing copper crimp bands around PEX pipe. The PEX pipe should be cut to the appropriate size, and the crimp rings should be placed at the edges. Once the pipes are placed on the crimp ring, you should press it firmly against the pipe edge. Once you’ve pushed the crimp ring onto the pipe, you can close and pull it closed.

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