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When building a new house, one must understand the Residential building construction process completely. A good builder will always provide complete information on every step of the Renovation RM process. Here are the steps involved in Residential building construction process from start to finish: I) Pre-construction Steps:

Residential building construction process

o To acquire a plot or land. o To seek expert help. This includes architect, surveyor, and others who are specializing to locate plots and land. To do this, one needs a lot of patience and time.

o Exterior finishes. The exterior finishing involves painting, stucco, caulk, and various other options. o To get a price quote from professional builders. This is required to find out the right paint color, amount of stucco to be used, and other options to maintain the cleanliness of the house. o Roofing and Flooring. Residential building construction requires lots of labor to repair damage on the floor and roof and get the right color for the paint.

Once the plot or land is acquired, it is necessary to go through several legal formalities. The first step would be to get the plan reviewed by a planning authority. This would help find out if the plot is zoned for construction, and whether there are any compulsions like density requirements. Next, the site can be cleared. After clearing the plot, there would be another set of House building construction steps. The next three house construction steps include interior designing of the house, including furniture, carpet, wallpaper, etc.

The third and last step in the process is to get price quotes from various contractors. This helps in short listing the best option that provides the least cost with the best quality. Following these steps ensures timely completion of all the residential building development processes and saves time and money.

The actual development process starts from getting the proper permit from local authorities, which is required for all construction work, and includes the authorization for excavations, foundation testing, and pest control. The foundation is a very important part of any new building. It is required for both the interior and exterior walls. The foundation process is particularly important for getting a smooth surface for laying down the carpets, which makes it easier for you to move around later on. If not properly laid, the foundation can become a problem and the whole idea of placing a house becomes a failure.

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