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It is true that there are many different techniques in SEO, but before we discuss these let’s first understand the basics of SEO. Search engine optimization, as its name implies, is about search engine optimization. This simply means that the more your website ranks higher for a particular keyword, the more traffic your website will get. To be able to do this you need to be able to target your keywords in the title, headings and other content of your website. This way you will get as much targeted traffic as possible. For more details Check this SEO Reseller site

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So how do you rank higher for a given keyword? Good off the page and on page SEO practices will aid you to rank better for your selected keywords. In this article have briefly listed a few of the best off the page and on page techniques, which will increase your offpage SEO rankings. This is off page SEO techniques and on page techniques list.

One of the best off page SEO practices is to use keyword density on your web pages. For example, if you are targeting the term “fishing gear” then it is wise to place one percent of your words on your page content and another one percent into the meta description. This means that you should place five percent of your total words into the title tags and seven percent into the description tag. However, this does not mean that you should only use these words once on each page. This is one way of testing the success of your SEO strategy and you may want to try using different combinations as well.

Another of the evergreen strategies in SEO is to include keywords in your URL’s. This means that you can insert your keywords into the URL or link you create. If you are targeting local customers they would be searching for keywords such as “fishing gears”, “line outriggers”, etc. However, these are often inaccurate and do not reflect the real world usage of the product in question. Therefore, it is important to add these keywords into the links so that the users experience an actual sense of “outdoor living”.

Lastly, but definitely not least, is to take advantage of Google’s Voice Search. Voice Search is designed to add value to your site by highlighting relevant search results based on the searcher’s keywords input. Google’s Voice Search works by highlighting your most recently spoken keywords, giving you an opportunity to highlight and direct your users towards long tail keywords. This means that if you have a site with a lot of long tail keywords but don’t have much SEO juice built up around them, Voice Search can help you boost your rankings by providing you with highly relevant, targeted traffic that is actually looking for what you have to offer.

These are only three methods in SEO that you can use to effectively raise your rankings in the major search engines. If you want to get even higher rankings, you should really consider outsourcing your SEO to a highly experienced and reputable company. There are many highly rated outsourcing companies who will manage all of your SEO needs, ensuring that your website is always seen and that you receive the highest amount of traffic to your websites. By hiring a reliable and reputable company you will be guaranteed that you always rank high in the major search engines and receive the maximum amount of traffic to your websites. Not only that but you can also ensure that your competitors are always struggling to maintain their rankings in the same markets.

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