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Founded in 1999, Advanced Braking Technology was a long standing and trusted supplier of braking technology to the civil and mining construction industries worldwide. They offer a full range of Abrasive Chaining and Wear resistant braking surfaces to compliment a wide range of equipment for the manufacture of road and rail roads. Their products are designed to be used by a wide variety of industries such as, road construction, heavy equipment, petroleum and mineral exploration, road and rail vehicles, bridges, tunnels and others. The company has continually developed new products and technology that have aided the success of their competition.

Advanced Braking Technology

With the introduction of new technology there has always been an upgrade and change in braking systems required to accommodate these changes. Therefore, the demand for this braking system has always been high. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of Abrasive Chaining and Wear resistant systems for all of their customers worldwide. With an experienced design team they are able to constantly upgrade their Abrasive Chaining and Wear resistance systems for the construction industry worldwide.

The company designs their braking systems with the end-user in mind. They have vast experience in producing Abrasive Chaining and Wear systems that can withstand extreme conditions whilst providing outstanding braking systems that are designed to last. The company is based in Perth, Australia where they have a mine and manufacturing facility to support them. They also have a network of distributors and installers throughout the world that they rely on for the highest quality components and labor.

With this in mind, it is little wonder that Abrasive Chaining and Wear resistant components are so widely used throughout the mining, drilling and production environments. For many of the worlds largest mining and manufacturing companies, the use of Abrasive Chaining and Wear braking systems are a must. These braking systems are designed to provide heavy duty protection to workers in the most hazardous conditions. They use cutting edge technologies to ensure that they can cope and withstand the toughest work conditions. However, many mining companies are now using Australian made Abrasive Chaining and Wear braking systems, which are not only highly efficient but are also made to stringent international quality standards.

The demand for these types of heavy duty systems has increased dramatically over the past few years. This has lead to the emergence of a number of specialist suppliers and manufacturers in Australia. Many of these manufacturers and suppliers have a strong background in the development, manufacture and sales of Abrasive Chaining and Wear braking technologies. Due to their strong experience and commitment to providing a superior product to the construction industry they are able to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of this type of safety equipment in the world.

Brake pads and other parts for construction vehicles and machines such as winches and lift tables can be manufactured by a manufacturer based in western Australia. There are numerous advantages associated with choosing a supplier based in this area. For instance, they often have access to leading technology and suppliers which might otherwise be out of reach. Also, they can provide a fast turnaround time on some orders and can easily customise products to meet customer specifications. Because of these factors, many construction managers and engineers prefer to purchase components and brake systems from a company based in western Australia.

TT Ads

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